It’s not just the police that get captured. In workplaces up and down the country, Stonewall is providing ideological “training” to employees, pushing its unique brand of bullying, pseudoscience and compelled speech under the guise of inclusivity. In our latest blog, an anonymous Fair Copper shines a light on what it’s like to undergo Stonewall re-education at work.

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Malice in Wonderland: Fair Cop uncovers the cost of political policing

The police are experts at believing the impossible. How else can they claim adherence to their own Code of Ethics that prohibits officers from taking part in politics while endorsing and participating in political protests?
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Stonewall helps the police make a mockery of the law

If a man wants to get away with a serious crime, he should commit it while wearing a dress. 

It sounds like the set-up to a misogynist joke from the 1970s, but this is the reality of policing in 21st century Britain. 

Last year a man suffered a serious sexual assault in Bishop’s Stortford. In their initial appeal for witnesses, Hertfordshire Police withheld key information about the suspect that might have led to a quicker arrest, only later revealing that they were seeking a man dressed as a woman.

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Labouring under a delusion

When an MP smears the party’s own members as bigots, it’s time for Keir Starmer to say what women mean to the Labour Party

Bismarck famously compared laws to sausages: it is better, he said, not to see either being made. But this doesn’t mean that policy making should be conducted behind closed doors. If we’re asked to swallow new legislation, we must be able to examine the ingredients and question the manufacturing process.

Good laws are the result of engagement and discussion with experts; they are based on rigorous, peer-reviewed evidence. Conversely, dodgy statistics and appeals to emotion combined with playground name-calling is a recipe for bad legislation.

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Open letter to Keir Starmer from Fair Cop

Wednesday 10th June

Dear Mr Starmer,

We write to you as members of the organisation ‘Fair Cop’. We are a group of lawyers, former and serving police officers and other professionals who are dedicated to upholding Articles 8 through 11 of the ECHR. Sadly, some of our members have to remain anonymous due to the potential negative impact of public engagement in certain debates, but you may be aware of our Founder Harry Miller, who recently won a Judicial Review against Humberside Police. Mr Miller’s case against the College of Policing has been ‘leapfrogged’ to the Supreme Court, such is the importance and significance of the arguments he raises about protected political speech and the police Hate Crimes Operational Guidance.

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