Don’t tell me about hate

It wasn’t my hashtag. But I wish it had been. I wish I had the ovaries not just to think it, but say it.

I accept that it upset and horrified many and gave too easy a target for those numerous anonymous accounts who like to mutter and jeer from the sidelines. So it was right to reflect and apologise.

But we do need to talk about hate — what it means and what we do about it.

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On Hatred

On Friday a tweet from Fair Cop provoked a heated reaction on Twitter with many accusing us of “embracing hatred”.  This blog is Rob Jessel’s personal view on the matter. 

Hatred is the worst of all human emotions. It destroys relationships, causes chaos and destruction to others; saddest of all, it hurts the hater just as much as the object of their animosity.

Gandhi had a good line about anger, hatred’s close cousin, which applies just as well: holding onto these emotions is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. 

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It’s not just the police that get captured. In workplaces up and down the country, Stonewall is providing ideological “training” to employees, pushing its unique brand of bullying, pseudoscience and compelled speech under the guise of inclusivity. In our latest blog, an anonymous Fair Copper shines a light on what it’s like to undergo Stonewall re-education at work.

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