Stella Perrett

Stella was the star editorial cartoonist at the Morning Star, but her contract was cancelled after trans activists alleged that her cartoon “Endgame” about women’s single-sex spaces was transphobic.

Newt cartoon

The cartoon was also reported to Avon & Somerset Police and recorded as a non-crime hate incident (NCHI).

In Stella’s words…

“My ‘controversial’ cartoon was reported to my local force police, but the police never informed me: I only found out after a reporter from the Mail on Sunday approached Avon and Somerset Police on my behalf. They finally provided a one-paragraph email response that the NCHI complaint did exist, but that no action had yet been taken.

“In October, on the advice of Fair Cop, I made a subject access request (SAR) to the police asking if a hate incident had been recorded and asking to see the details. I also sent them my open right of reply, (which the Morning Star still refuses to publish), to add to their file as my side of the story.

“The reply to the SAR was obstructive, and still did not confirm or deny the existence of the NCHI report! I am faced with the situation where I cannot formally defend myself or clear my name, because the police will not admit they hold the complaint against me, or reveal any of its details. For all I know, it will stay on my file for the rest of my life.

“I have now submitted my case as evidence to the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Expression. I have pointed out the police’s secrecy and inhumanity in recording NCHIs, and requested that the committee widen its brief to include them.”

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