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Harry wins appeal against College of Policing

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Manifesto for Police and Crime Commissioners

The recent report that Thames Valley Police had recorded the male murderer Scarlet Blake as female is simply the most recent example where policing …

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Police strip guidance "not lawful"

We decided to raise money to get advice from King's Counsel to test the assertion of the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) that their guidance …

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The Captured Prosecution Service

Fair Cop are increasingly concerned by the clear signs of ideological capture of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the independent prosecuting …

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Case studies

Many many people have already been affected by the issues Fair Cop are campaigning about.
Read more about the individuals affected in our Case Studies, they’re just like you…

Sarah Phillimore

In June 2020, Sarah Phillimore had a hate incident recorded against her for tweets that referred to male sex offenders as “men” and discussed her dog’s liking for cheese. She is currently crowdfunding a legal challenge against the College of Policing.

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Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan was warned by West Yorkshire Police following an argument with a transgender activist on Twitter and was also visited by Northumbria Police for tweeting a video of another activist’s appearance on Sky News.

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Harry Miller

Harry Miller, a former police officer from Humberside, was investigated by police over a poem that he posted on Twitter.

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The High Court recognised that Humberside Police behaved like the Cheka, Stasi and Gestapo. But our campaign against the College of Policing hate crimes guidance continues in the Supreme Court.

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