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More equal than others?

Read Fair Cop's letter to chief constables asking how much they spend on supporting different protected groups

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What have Judicial Reviews ever done for us?

The Government has recently announced an inquiry into judicial review. Although the Chair of that Inquiry says it’s ‘impossible’ that judicial review…
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It’s not just the police that get captured. In workplaces up and down the country, Stonewall is providing ideological “training” to employees, …
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Beware: Thought Police are operating in your area

Fair Cop issues the following Thought Warning to any critical thinkers in the Avon and Somerset region: Don’t speak out loud without first checking …
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Case studies

Many many people have already been affected by the issues Fair Cop are campaigning about.
Read more about the individuals affected in our Case Studies, they’re just like you…

Caroline Farrow

In March 2019 Caroline Farrow, a freelance journalist, was contacted by Surrey Police and threatened with an interview under caution after using the wrong pronoun to describe a transgender girl.

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Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan was warned by West Yorkshire Police following an argument with a transgender activist on Twitter and was also visited by Northumbria Police for tweeting a video of another activist’s appearance on Sky News.

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Harry Miller

Harry Miller, a former police officer from Humberside, was investigated by police over a poem that he posted on Twitter.

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The High Court recognised that Humberside Police behaved like the Cheka, Stasi and Gestapo. But our campaign against the College of Policing hate crimes guidance continues in the Supreme Court.

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