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Caroline Farrow

In March 2019 Caroline Farrow, a freelance journalist, was contacted by Surrey Police and threatened with an interview under caution after using the wrong pronoun to describe a transgender girl.

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan was warned by West Yorkshire Police following an argument with a transgender activist on Twitter and was also visited by Northumbria Police for tweeting a video of another activist’s appearance on Sky News.



Harry Miller, a former police officer from Humberside, was investigated by police over a poem that he posted on Twitter.

Dr Julia


Dr Julia Long, a researcher and author, was part of a group that attended an ‘inclusive’ panel event on International Transgender Day of Visibility at Accenture’s London offices.


We’re launching a legal challenge in the High Court against Humberside Police and, more importantly, against The College of Policing who issue Police Guidelines to get those guidelines declared unlawful.

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