Manifesto for Police and Crime Commissioners

The recent report that Thames Valley Police had recorded the male murderer Scarlet Blake as female is simply the most recent example where policing has prioritised gender identity over the immutable reality of biological sex.

Whether it is data collection on victims and suspects of crime, communication with the public, allegiance to social activist groups or arresting people for their lawfully expressed views, policing is in thrall to gender identity ideology. There is no force that has escaped this ideological capture.

This is why, in conjunction with Keep Prisons Single Sex, we have launched our Manifesto for Police and Crime Commissioners in advance of the PCC elections on Thursday 2nd May.

Our vision for policing sees a return to effective and fair policing:

  • Policing with neutrality and without fear or favour
  • Forces and officers display no allegiance to any one group
  • Policing is devoid of political, cultural or social activism
  • Policing decisions are based on evidence not ideology
  • Services and practices are developed and managed in order to best meet the operational needs of policing and the criminal justice system

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to be the voice of the people and to hold the police to account. PCCs are elected by the public to hold the Chief Constables and force to account, making the police answerable to the communities they serve.

The next election for PCCs will take place on Thursday 2nd May. You can find out who your PCC is here.

Write to your PCC. Write to all candidates standing for election. Enclose the Manifesto. Tell them that sex registered at birth is the variable with the greatest relevance to offending. Ask them what steps they will take to ensure that their force makes policing decisions based on the proven evidence provided by sex registered at birth. Ask them to commit to the Manifesto.

Please let us know how you get on!

Download our Manifesto for Police and Crime Commissioners