Misogyny in action in Ireland

With the Law Commission of England and Wales’ announcement of a public consultation into hate crime, the public will have a chance to have their say on whether misogyny should be considered a hate crime.

Ireland may provide a chance to see this in practice beforehand as our police force, An Garda Síochána, has confirmed that one of the nine strands of diversity in proposed hate crime legislation is “gender” along with age, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. The Garda press office has confirmed that “gender” includes sex.

Misogyny in action

The charity Citizens

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Stripped of dignity: A Fair Copper explains why police trans procedures still harm women

Our public institutions remain captured, and none more so than the police. In this blog, a serving police officer and co-founder of Fair Cop explains the grim reality of what happens when gender ideology permeates the police.

This has been a good week for us gender heretics.

We finally heard from Liz Truss that the government have ditched plans to reform the GRA, whilst bolstering support for vulnerable trans people and confirming protection for single-sex spaces. We’ve seen the Education department guidelines change to so that teachers can no longer ‘reinforce harmful stereotypes’, such as telling pupils they are

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What have Judicial Reviews ever done for us?

The Government has recently announced an inquiry into judicial review. Although the Chair of that Inquiry says it’s ‘impossible’ that judicial review will be abolished, we are all now a bit wary of emphatic promises from politicians. What is judicial review and why should you care? Fair Cop explains why.

Without judicial review (JR) Harry Miller would have had no remedy against Humberside police, who were found by the court to have acted akin to the Gestapo. JR is also the route taken by Keira Bell, the Safe Schools Alliance and Ann Sinnott to challenge unlawful state

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It’s not just the police that get captured. In workplaces up and down the country, Stonewall is providing ideological “training” to employees, pushing its unique brand of bullying, pseudoscience and compelled speech under the guise of inclusivity. In our latest blog, an anonymous Fair Copper shines a light on what it’s like to undergo Stonewall re-education at work.

Earlier this year, I completed a three-hour Stonewall training session and now understand how Stonewall has completely captured schools, universities, sport, government, the NHS and businesses in every sector. Stonewall’s training is very clever. It is also manipulative, coercive, contradictory, regressive,

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Beware: Thought Police are operating in your area

Fair Cop issues the following Thought Warning to any critical thinkers in the Avon and Somerset region: Don’t speak out loud without first checking the Stonewall Glossary. Because your Assistant Chief Constable is on a mission.

This story begins back in October when a Fair Cop supporter contacted the Avon and Somerset Police seeking answers to some fairly rudimentary questions. Is a prisoner’s sex recorded? Must the sex of an officer be the same as that of the detainee when conducting strip searches? Is it true that misgendering might constitute an offence?

Despite local MP John Penrose also demanding

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Fruit of the Poison Tree

Barrister Sarah Phillimore writes about how an enquiry to her local police force revealed an unpleasant surprise about what they had recorded against her name and why she hopes the Supreme Court will declare the Hate Crime Operational Guidance unlawful.

Hopefully, you are all familiar with the case of Harry Miller and how Fair Cop came into being. If you aren’t, read all about it here: “A watershed for liberty” – Harry Miller’s statement following High Court win and read the full judgment here: Miller -v- College of Policing.

“In this country we have never had a Cheka,
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Winging it with Butterflies

The reach and influence of Stonewall, Mermaids et al. is impressive indeed. But there is another group that has targeted the legal profession. Fair Cop examine the extent to which the legal profession has now been ‘Stonewalled’ with some alarming feedback from one training event for solicitors.

Global Butterflies was established in 2015 by Rachel Reese, to:

…bring awareness of trans and non-binary issues to the business sector. By working closely with companies, our hope is to help organisations adopt a zero-tolerance approach to trans-phobic behaviour and attitudes, while also taking steps to help them become more inclusive in

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Fair Cop responds to Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill call for views

Fair Cop responded to the Scottish Government’s call for views on the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill

Please find below the response of Fair Cop to the Justice Committee who will scrutinise the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill.

Fair Cop is a group of individuals who have come together over shared concerns about police attempts to criminalise people for expressing opinions that don’t contravene any laws. If you wish to know more about us and our work, please visit our website.

Our response is limited to the new offence of stirring up hatred in

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Malice in Wonderland: Fair Cop uncovers the cost of political policing

The police are experts at believing the impossible. How else can they claim adherence to their own Code of Ethics that prohibits officers from taking part in politics while endorsing and participating in political protests?
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Stonewall helps the police make a mockery of the law

If a man wants to get away with a serious crime, he should commit it while wearing a dress. 

It sounds like the set-up to a misogynist joke from the 1970s, but this is the reality of policing in 21st century Britain. 

Last year a man suffered a serious sexual assault in Bishop’s Stortford. In their initial appeal for witnesses, Hertfordshire Police withheld key information about the suspect that might have led to a quicker arrest, only later revealing that they were seeking a man dressed as a woman.

Worse, when Herts Police later admitted this

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