JK Rowling publisher asked Mermaids trans group to ‘censor’ legal article on free-speech ruling

JK Rowling’s publisher invited the transgender activist group Mermaids to review an article in a magazine for A-level law students, which summarised a High Court test case on freedom of expression.

Management at Hodder Education, part of Hachette UK, referred the article on the ruling to Mermaids, asking it to suggest “examples we can use to counteract the tone and opinions in the piece” and to suggest changes to “anything you feel is untrue, unfair and/or offensive”.

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Why do women matter so little?

The outrageous policing of political speech by Wiltshire Police

suppose I should consider myself lucky that I have been able to live 50 years without having to think too deeply about what Hannah Arendt meant by the ‘banality of evil’. About how the real danger comes not from the individuals who put into motion schemes of death and destruction, but the ordinary men and women who are daily complicit, in many little ways.

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Malice in Wonderland: Fair Cop uncovers the cost of political policing

The police are experts at believing the impossible. How else can they claim adherence to their own Code of Ethics that prohibits officers from taking part in politics while endorsing and participating in political protests?
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Stonewall helps the police make a mockery of the law

If a man wants to get away with a serious crime, he should commit it while wearing a dress. 

It sounds like the set-up to a misogynist joke from the 1970s, but this is the reality of policing in 21st century Britain. 

Last year a man suffered a serious sexual assault in Bishop’s Stortford. In their initial appeal for witnesses, Hertfordshire Police withheld key information about the suspect that might have led to a quicker arrest, only later revealing that they were seeking a man dressed as a woman.

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