The rise and fall of Stonewall

In the 31 years since Stonewall, the UK’s largest LGBT charity, was founded, it has led the charge on many campaigns for equality. It has fought for parity in the age of consent; for the right of same-sex couples to adopt; for civil partnerships; and for same-sex marriage. In many ways, it is thanks in large part to Stonewall’s efforts that it is now far more socially acceptable to be a homosexual than it is to be a homophobe.

How things have changed. Today, many lesbian, gay and bisexual people feel bitterly let down by the charity they once trusted. Stonewall stands accused of campaigning against women’s rights as defined in the Equality Act, and of bullying those with whom it disagrees out of jobs.

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Beware the rise of the trans-aware cops

Why are the police producing animated films about non-binary fruits?

In a media request to a British police force, I found myself typing the words ‘is the tomato character supposed to be non-binary?’. Reporting from the front line of the culture wars has brought me into the orbit of some bizarre campaigns and characters; from gender-fluid bankers to adult babies who demand the right to wear nappies to work. But asking for clarification from Devon and Cornwall Police about the supposed gender identity of a fictional tomato was a new low in what seems to be a battle against common sense.

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