Lanarkshire NHS board’s transitioners’ policy was ‘unlawful’

  • NHS Lanarkshire slammed for its ‘Supporting Trans Staff in the Workplace’ policy
  • Policy relates to use of staff-only female shared toilets, showers and changing rooms
  • Barrister Sarah Phillimore, 49, of London, claims guidelines ‘stop women from voicing concerns’
  • She also claims prioritising trans over women’s right is ‘unlawful’ and fears those raising objections may lose their jobs

A barrister and nurses have slammed an NHS health board for an ‘unlawful’ policy which allows transitioning people to use staff-only female shared facilities, claiming the guidelines ‘stop women from voicing concerns’.

Sarah Phillimore, 49, from London, criticised NHS Lanarkshire over their ‘Supporting Trans Staff in the Workplace policy’, which relates to female shared toilet, shower and changing room facilities.

The barrister, who specialises in family law, tweeted an excerpt from the 28-page document, published last Thursday, which states objections to the policy ‘will be dealt with by a manager in a sensitive and understanding way, while not denying the Trans staff member access to facilities appropriate to their lived gender’.

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