Cardinal de Richelieu

Outlawing offence – the origins of #NoDebate

The tumblr account “your fave is problematic” stopped posting years ago, yet the effects ripple on. For those thankfully unfamiliar with this tumblr, it was a place where reportedly six anonymous young people listed the transgressions and faults of celebrities. Unlike Heat magazine or the Daily Mail, however, the critiques were aimed not at celebrities’ diets or sartorial elegance, but at their wokeness credentials.

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This is what a trans ally looks like

Open letter to Sussex Police

I am writing to you as Executive Director of Fair Cop, a human rights organisation comprised of serving and former police officers, barristers, lawyers and parliamentarians. We are committed to monitoring the actions of British police forces in relation to hate crime, hate incidents and free expression and, to this end, we have sought and been granted a Judicial Review at the High Court against both Humberside Police and The College of Policing, which will be heard in November.

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